Fog Machine 900w Anti Virus Fogging Machine Heavy Duty
Price RM273.60
Brand 95 MPLUS
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm
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Power Machine:900W

Voltage of Machine:AC110-240V,50HZ

Warm Up Time: 5 mins

Contol Mode: Wire Control

Smoke Fluid Volume:1.5L

Shooting distance: 6-8M

Net Weight: 3.75KG

----------------------------------------------- ATTENTION AND SUGGESTION--------------------------------------------- - Before using, clear the wiring principle and control intentions
- Make sure the Volt is correct and stable
- The power must be off when do the installation, make sure the installation is firm and smooth, and make sure it is grounded safely.
- Choose the professional Oil, not low quality oil, or it will be easy to cause jam.
- Check if the fasteners is loose and if the cable is damaged periodically, make sure it is safe.
- If the Machine isnt working, dont do the maintenance by yourself, it must be done by professional person

------------------------------------------------- MAINTENANCE---------------------------------------------------------------- - Working 40 hours, please change the liquid to fresh water 0.5L, clear the inner tube
- Change to fresh liquid after the machine didnt work for long time
- If the smoke become smaller, please:

- Turn off the power, let the machine cool
- Remove the nozzle, and then connect the machine to the power, led the machine spray without nozzle for 2 minutes to clear the impurities inside.
- Clear the nozzle and install again, the smoke will be the same as normal.
- If the spraying liquid is water, not oil, check if the thermostat is out of control. The normal way is replacing thermostat or heater core


- Connect the machine to the power, turn on the switch on the back, the machine begin to heat
- When the green indicator on the controller is on, the machine can begin to work, press the red

Button to spray smoke

- Dont spray the smoke directly to human body
- Check if the oil is enough always, or it will cause problem easily.

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